Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Test Strategy

What is Test Strategy?

A test plan, is two kinds of information put together: test strategy and test logistics[Source]

Test Strategy is the set of ideas that guide our design of tests (test design is the process of deciding what exactly will we do to test: what inputs to give, etc.).

Logistics is the set of ideas guiding our application of resources to fulfilling the strategy (who will do the testing, when they will do it, what equipment is needed, etc.) [James Bach]

Objective of Test Strategy

The purpose of a test strategy is to clarify the major tasks and challenges of the test project. To ensure that the business objectives of the software are met, while minimizing the damage caused by risks.

Few interesting documents related to Test Strategy

Test Strategy: What is it? What does it look like?

This presentation is actually a 2.5 hour class in creating a test strategy. James used a commercial application, called DecideRight, as an exercise. DecideRight is a product that helps you make decisions by analyzing factors and options you supply to it. It's interesting enough, yet simple enough, to make it a good classroom example.

Test strategy is one of the top ten most basic ideas in software testing: how to cover and application and assess quality. Yet, it's usually given short shrift in test plans that otherwise wax loquacious about staffing, schedule, and equipment needs. The ability to design and articulate test strategies is a skill that must be developed, rather than an innate skill that all humans have (e.g. the ability to build bad software).

In relation to the above presentation the following questions

>How can I apply the idea to an overall test strategy for the company that I'm working for?
>Is it possible to create a really good test strategy for a company so that it covers several diverse applications?
>How do we make a clear line between the overall test strategy and the company test process?

are answered here.

Why do a Test Strategy?
Things that need to be covered in a Test Strategy. etc

Agile Testing Strategies
How we go about testing on agile projects?

This below reference guide explains the San José State strategy for testing CMS baseline upgrades and releases, including updates, fixes, patches and PeopleSoft bundles.
Testing Strategy

Below document explains some of the common mistakes done while creating test Strategy.
Classic Mistakes While Creating Test Strategy

Developing a Project Test Strategy, Why You Need a Test Strategy etc.
Test Strategy

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